Fergas NCB 60 range Crossflow/Tangential Blower has been the market leader for 25 years. It is being used in a wide range of products such as ovens, fireplaces, bottle/can coolers, gas heaters among many others. Available in single and double lengths from 120 to 480 mm and with AC and DC motors. Airflows up to 300 m3/h or 176 cfm.

Crossflow/Tangential Blower NCB 60 Single/Double Specifications

The TG 60/1 Crossflow/Tangential Blowers are used in: heating, refrigerating and air conditioning systems, vending machines, electro-medical devices, photocopying and microfilm reproducing machines, driers,extractor fans, various industrial applications.

For general information about our TG 60/1 range please cfr the attached data sheet.

Crossflow/Tangential Blower TG 60 Single Specifications

Crossflow/Tangential Blower TG 60 Double Specifications

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