NCB 45 Crossflow/Tangential Blower is a mid range option that is in regular use in electric fires, microwave ovens and refrigerators. Available in single and double units from 120 to 360 mm and with AC and DC motors. Airflows up to 250 m3/h or 147 cfm.

Crossflow/Tangential Blower NCB 45 Specifications

TG 45/1 Crossflow/Tangential Blower. The special design of the housing makes the fan mechanically rugged whilst ensuring the utmost efficiency and quality where high flow rate/pressure and reliability are required.

Crossflow/Tangential BlowerTG 45/1 Single Specifications

Crossflow/Tangential Blower TG 45/1 Double Specifications

The TG 45-2 Crossflow/Tangential Blower series is suitable for applications without channeling where air pressure is not required. Reduced dimensions and quieter operation when compared to the TG45/1 series.

Crossflow/Tangential Blower TG 45/2 Single Specifications

Crossflow/Tangential Blower TG 45/2 Double Specifications

Characteristics – Crossflow/Tangential Blower 45mm

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