Why Fergas Products?

Fergas production processes and designs are unique.

The Fergas forward curved blower wheels are constructed using "key rivet" technology creating the most rigid possible design but requiring less material. This results in a much stronger and lighter wheel that retains an exceptional reliability, efficiency and balance. Fergas has a fully automated production process for these wheels.

The Fergas crossflow fan wheels are made in a unique production process that ensures a well balanced product without the need to weight or trim blades. The crossflow housings are produced in a fast, high capacity process using a method that guarantees consistency, strength and rigidity. The crossflow fans are supplied with AC or DC motors from the most renowned manufacturers worldwide, with acknowledged quality and capacity.

The Fergas AirBlaster and ClimaSeat demonstrate further examples of our company's innovative approach to air movement. Fergas has provided a solution to automotive environmental problems presented specifically by that industry. The solution has been found to offer benefits in other markets. The result has been that these products are not found only in car and truck seat ventilation but also in medical applications and can also be found as an aid to healthy and comfortable bed designs.

Fergas strives to be an innovative partner. We want to support and assist our customers to find solutions and develop products that achieve their desired level of excellence.