ClimaSeat actively removes warm, moist air from the contact surface of the seat, keeping you comfortable. Even if you sweat, your clothing stays dry and does not become creased, as ClimaSeat is able to draw air through the fabric trapped against the seat. The AirBlaster unit was developed especially to make this possible.

ClimaSeat's patented design and the powerful AirBlaster fan ensure that compartment air is really drawn through the clothing facing the seat, removing heat and moisture at a rate you control. With the fan turned off, the seat feels like any other. At normal fan speed the thermal insulation of the seat goes to zero, and makes you feel as if you were standing up.

FERGAS manufactures the AirBlaster fan unit, offering a full range of engineering and manufacturing services in air-moving technology.

FERGAS and partner will modify any production seat to incorporate the ClimaSeat principle, with fans, full technical specifications and test results.


  • Compartment air is drawn through clothing trapped against the seat.
  • Thermal insulation and vapour diffusion resistance of the seat approach zero.
  • Contact surfaces (20% of total body area) can now be kept comfortably cool.
  • Cooling is more evenly distributed and the car feels up to 2°C cooler (3,6°F).
  • Ventilation improves the climatic comfort of all leather, vinyl and fabric seats.
  • The ClimaSeat principle can easily be applied to most seat designs.

Detailed technical information (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)