The Fergas Group - a True Global Supplier

Fergas strives to be a global supplier in the truest form. This means not only localised production facilities with coordinated quality control, but also local engineering support as well as a seamless customer service as close to the customer as possible.

Fergas AB (FAB) and
Fergas AirBlaster
Fergas Asia Pacific

Fergas AB

‘Fergas AB’ and‘Fergas AirBlaster AB’ in Linköping Sweden, are part of the Fergas European Group and is the corporate centre of leadership and development. The company was established 1949 by founder Lennart Wallman and is still privately held by the Wallman family. The facility in Sweden is driven by innovation and top level automation.

Fergas South Europe (FSE)
Fergas Asia Pacific

Fergas South Europe

‘Fergas South Europe’ is a part of the Fergas European Group. Located in Misinto outsideMilan Italy, it is perfectly located to service our South European markets.In combination with our facility in Sweden and China, it covers the whole Fergas range of products and supplies seamlessly to our global markets.

Fergas Asia Pacific (FAP)
Fergas Asia Pacific

Fergas Asia Pacific

‘Fergas Asia Pacific’, founded 2005, joined the Fergas family of companies in a joint effortby the Fergas group and Beckett Air Inc. to service the Asian markets with air moving products. With offices in both Hong Kong and Southern China and with the factory conveniently located in Dongguan, FAP service the whole of Asia with Fergas local production and engineering support.

Fergas North America (FNA)
Fergas Asia Pacific

Fergas Nort America

'Fergas North America’ is centrally located in Fort Wayne, Indiana; a sales and distribution company ideally positioned to service the north American markets. FNA offers the Fergas AirBlaster, crossflow products and work in a close partnership within the expansive global manufacturing footprint to produce the full range of air moving products.

Beckett Air (BAI)
Fergas Asia Pacific

Beckett Air Inc.

‘Beckett Air’ was founded 1988 as a joint venture between Fergas AB and the RW Beckett Corporation. Based in North Ridgeville, Ohio it has achieved a dominant market position in HVAC markets in North America for the Fergas key rivet type blower wheel. Beckett Air also produces other air moving products such as axial fans and large diameter tangential wheels. The resulting mix insures a shared customer centered approach to a global supply demand.