Our Customer Service Focus

  • When a major European industry strategically moved their production to the Far East, Fergas was able to support locally through our global ability.

  • As a high volume air moving market segment came under intense commercial pressure, Fergas developed a fully automated process to drastically reduce cost, to improve flexibility and to reduce lead time.

  • A large home appliance manufacturer needed design support. Our R&D worked in-concert with the customers design team, helping them to develop their product to optimize airflow. We solved a major design issue so that the customer could still meet the original product launch schedule.

  • A major global player in the commercial cooking industry asked Fergas for production application to prove lifecycle and performance. Fergas was able to adapt an existing product line to fulfil their requirements with a short development cycle and proven function.

  • One of the world leading blower and motor companies, with whom Fergas has a 45 year long relationship with, requested Fergas to support them globally from several manufacturing locations based on international quality standards and global engineering support to save on logistic time and cost. Today Fergas supplies this company “Glocally” on three different continents to several different facilities.

  • A company in the medical industry asked us to solve a major noise challenge. Through innovation we found a way to adapt our product to absorb vibration and drastically improved sound compared to competition.

  • A major global customer’s demand increased significantly in one location in a short period of time, Fergas was able to support this rapid growth through our global supply routine with several coordinated facilities.

  • Fergas developed a modular fan system that allows the customer to utilize their application space to the maximum. With the Fergas solution we were able to replace several motors with just one. Allowing the customer to save energy, space and costs. In addition, this new modular fan allows the customer to provide a more even laminar airflow.